English Vs. Fun

Real-life English

This course is mainly intended for learners seeking to speak English in a much more natural way.

The sessions are divided into two halves. The first half is a novel form of practice using movie scenes and the second one is a 90-minute discussion about two or three preassigned topics.

1- The Movie Hour

Rather than simply going over the movie lines, ‘Scene Description’ is the primary focus of the Movie Hour. Class members get a chance to describe real-life situations in English through watching scenes which provides a context to use the newly learned phrases. More importantly, learning English through movies, the learners’ visual memory is engaged, meaning that language acquisition takes place more effectively. Approximately 10 to 20 minutes of a feature movie is collectively watched and discussed.

Talk Shows, News and Interviews are other attractive features of the Movie Hour.

2- Free Discussion

In this part, two or three topics on social matters, and often of high controversy, are assigned a week prior to the session. Learners think out what they are going to say and ready themselves to support their views. While the ideas are being swapped, the trainer provides learners with on-the-spot correction on syntactic structures and lexical choice. Pronunciation and intonation is closely monitored throughout the session.

Topics mainly concern subjects which may also be a question in IELTS Speaking Part 3. Therefore, this course can be a compliment to the speaking workshop for those wishing to be engaged with further practice and exposure.

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